TO: Our Valued Clients
FROM: Holt Law Office Team 
DATE: 09 Aug 2015
FIRST: Free Legal Counsel
During the month of September we are offering any existing client a  free 30 minute session with Kevin for advice related to estate planning or
corporate checkup.  Simply call Jana and schedule a phone conference before  September 30, 2015 and enjoy the complimentary legal
SECOND: New Attorney Addition –  Brandon 
Our newest addition to the firm, Kevin's son, Brandon Holt, is  beginning his third and final year of law school at the University of Idaho,
College of Law, in Moscow.  This year Brandon will compete on the College’s  National Moot Court Competition team – competing with top schools from around  the country.  He secured this  position in large part from winning Best Oralist and taking  1st place in the  University of Idaho’s Moot Court Competition last year.  He will also be a part of this year’s Bankruptcy Moot Court  competition.  Moot court replicates  appellate arguments in front of actual judges.  We plan to put his expertise to use in  developing our firm’s appellate practice. 
THIRD: Rate Increase 
Our senior attorney, Kevin Holt, has not increased his hourly rate  since 2007. In light of Kevin's expertise and experience, and also due to rising
costs that we are all seeing, the firm will be increasing hourly rates as  follows: Kevin Holt, $250.00 per  hour; Brandon Holt, $125.00 per hour (this will increase to $175 per hour upon  passing the bar in 2016). Jana  Long, our paralegal, $85.00 per hour.   BE ADVISED the increase will  not begin immediately for existing clients, but will instead become effective January 1, 2016.  

FOURTH:  Increasing Client  Base 
In anticipation of Brandon joining the team next August, we shall be  growing our client and operational bases.  Meaning, even though we are
currently very busy, we would greatly appreciate any referrals, suggestions, or  new business you can send our way.  
FIFTH: Client Reviews 
As you may have noticed we're attempting to better communicate with our  clients through reviews and testimonials.  We are doing this through a few
portals and service providers.  If you receive an email or contact letter  from us, Yodle, Facebook, Huntley, or Total Attorneys feel free to respond with
the assurance that we are listening and anticipating your responses. 
SIXTH: Social Media 
We are also increasing the social media and digital presence of our  firm on the internet.  While our HoltLawOffice.Net, Facebook, Twitter and
other social media platform sites are under construction we still encourage you  to visit the sites to show your support. 
We hope to continue to provide you with legal services custom tailored  to meet your needs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 The  Holt Law Office team